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MBSR-Course in Berlin and online

On this page you can find out more about my mindfulness courses and my MBSR course in Berlin.

Mindfulness is a state of being present in the moment in a certain way and of accepting and perceiving it. With this inner attitude we try to open ourselves to the present experience with interest and friendliness.

Jon Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as follows:

“Mindfulness means: to be attentive in a certain way, consciously, in the present moment and without judging”.

MBSR Course and Stress Reduction in Berlin & online


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

What is MBSR?

The MBSR program has its roots in the millennia-old Buddhist teachings and mindfulness practices. Medicine professor Jon Kabat-Zinn recognized the value of these teachings and meditation practices for our lives today through his work with chronic pain patients. In 1979 he developed the MBSR program for coping with stress (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) from this old tradition and more recent psychological findings. It is supposed to help the participants to practice mindfulness and to integrate it into their everyday life. In this way they learn how to deal with stressful situations and everyday challenges in a different way.

In the past few decades, the MBSR program has also been extensively researched scientifically and there are numerous studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the MBSR program.

Mindfulness is a state that most people experience rarely in everyday life. Therefore, in the MBSR program, this state is repeatedly made tangible through various exercises. With the aim of ultimately making it easier for the participants to find access to it on their own. Both in their formal practice (meditation exercises) and in everyday life. Since it is a state, one can only approximate mindfulness with a description, which is why this course is largely experience-based.

Duration: 8 weeks, one appointment per week of 2.5 hours plus a “day of mindfulness”
Online course: 280 euros per person
Live course: 350 euros per person

Most health insurance companies cover a part of the MBSR course because it is considered a prevention course.


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“I really enjoyed the mindfulness course! It was amazing how you can (and should) focus your attention on the small, unconscious, neglected and yet so important things in life. The course brought relaxation into my everyday life, questioning entrenched, stress-inducing structures and many funny moments. Imada brings a lot of rest, relaxation, interest, attention and open-mindedness. I can recommend the course to everyone!” Antonia L.

Connected Mindfulness Courses in Berlin & online


Relational Mindfulness

In this course we practice mindfulness in the context of relationships. We practice being connected with ourselves and others. We learn to find a good balance between empathy and self-awareness. And what supports or prevents us from seeing ourselves and others clearly.

We find out what we need to experience intimacy, build trust, and forge long- lasting relationships. We develop a better understanding of our own relationship patterns and dynamics.

Further topics are:

  • connectedness and loneliness
  • vulnerability and communication
  • empathy
  • needs
  • critism and shame

In the group we practice mindfulness and compassion. We meet empathically and at eye level. And we experience what it is like to be perceived, recognized and accepted exactly as we are in this moment. Our socialization often leads us to orientate ourselves towards values such as autonomy and individualism. Often we go through life as lone fighters and don’t have the chance to develop a feeling for the connection with ourselves and with others. Therefore, this approach can be very transformative for us.

As in the other courses, the current research results are part of the curriculum. They give us a deeper understanding of the subject.


Duration: 6 weeks, one appointment per week of two hours plus online check in aftet 3 weeks
Online course: 280 euros per person
Live course: 330 euros per person


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“Imada has a great gift for making theoretical aspects of mindfulness and self-compassion personally experienceable. In the course, her deep knowledge, coupled with her humorous nature, immediately created a (psychologically) safe space for the growth of all course participants. The course has helped me tremendously in transforming my own relationships through mindfulness and (self) compassion to more trust and love. With the benevolent support of the course leader and the other course participants, I was able to look at many personal issues in a new way and solve them for myself. That was a really nice experience that I can recommend to everyone.” Hendrik T.

Self-Compassion & Resilience

Do you already have experience in mindfulness practice? Then this course is right for you. Here we practice mindfulness in the context of social systems and power structures.

The mindfulness-based exercises help us to perceive internalized social structures. And to recognize their influence on our identity, our actions and our relationships. We will also explore how these systemic structures and power relations influence our thinking and our unconscious beliefs (core beliefs). We learn how that affects our perception and our actions, and can even make us push away parts of ourselves and others.

In this course we learn:

  • to cultivate a compassionate and kind attitude towards ourself
  • Resilience (shame resilience)
  • self-trust and confidence
  • boundary setting
  • burnout prevention

Duration: 5 weeks, one appointment per week of two hours

Online course: 230 euros per person
Live course: 270 euros per person

“Imada’s Self Compassion & Resilience Workshop was a meaningful experience for me. The course helped me to connect in an honest way with my emotions, thoughts and body, as well as to feel deeper understanding and more connectedness with others. Learning to recognize and deal with shame was extremely helpful. It helped me regain and strengthen my self-confidence during a challenging time. I feel resilient, positive and connected to my feelings. Thank you Imada!” R. O’Shea

“What I learned in this course has stayed with me far beyond the five weeks. Imada’s experience, insights and presence create a safe space for learning and sharing based on deep respect. This course opens the eyes and the heart in a transformative way. I think it is appropriate for everyone, regardless of their meditation experience. Imada’s long-term research on compassion is fascinating and has been instrumental in helping me expand my relationship with myself and the world around me. I highly recommend Imada’s courses.” Elena

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