Mindfulness Training

in Berlin and online

Skills for Change

Trainings for Changemakers

Skill building for profound and sustainable change. I adapt the training courses and workshops to the context and target group. The scope and focus are determined by individual agreement.

My offer is right for you if you are striving for sustainable change in your context and would like to develop further on the basis of mindfulness and compassion, e.g. to: Teams, communities of practice, training institutes, researchers*, organizations and companies.

You are also welcome to request my training for specific professional groups, e.g:

  • Professional groups from the care sector who want to prevent burnout or compassion fatigue.
  • Therapists and doctors who want to approach their clients in a power-sensitive way and want to better understand the physical and psychological consequences of systemic power structures.


Powersensitivity-Training in Berlin & online

A practical understanding of power is introduced in exercises. Participants will experience how systemic structures can be reproduced in social interactions. We learn about psychological power mechanisms based on the latest research.

A mindful and compassionate attitude towards oneself also forms the basis for more empathy and understanding with others.

“I can highly recommend the workshop. I was able to take away a lot for my personal life as well as for my psychotherapeutic work. It should be a must for psychotherapists to deal with this topic! Thank you for the great workshop!” Miriam F.

Empathy Training in

Berlin & online

Anyone who chooses a social, medical or psychological profession needs a high level of empathy, emotional intelligence and self-care.

In this training we learn to adopt the perspective of our fellow human beings more accurately and to train various components of empathy in a targeted manner. Furthermore, individual challenges and resources can be explored.

We learn how to use empathy consciously and at the same time prevent burnout. The exercises in this offer are based, among other things, on current research on empathy and compassion fatigue.



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